5-29 November 2015

Presented by Nikolaj Kunsthal & CPH:DOX

An exhibition curated by Jacqui Davies


Katarzyna Badach and Alfredo Ramos Fernández 
Yael Bartana 
Jérôme Bel
Richard Billingham
Tacita Dean 
Coco Fusco 
Louis Henderson
Samson Kambalu
Martha Rosler 
Zina Saro-Wiwa
Apichatpong Weerasethakul 

EMBODIED presents a series of encounters between documentary and performance. Seeking to go beyond the question of authenticity that is initially raised by this intersection, EMBODIED considers performance as a process of re-enactment, re-presentation, mediation, and of staging reality. The exhibition considers ideas such as the individual subject as a discursive (documentary) practice, counter-performances, exhibitionism, and unconscious performance.
Linking these various ideas together is an intimated questioning of the tension between fiction and reality within documentary. Rather than permitting the illusory ability of this genre to present a concrete reality, EMBODIED takes viewers beyond the here and now of the document and into an alternative temporality, one that is accessed via various performative devices which place the medium of the body at their core. The works in the exhibition therefore present the documented body as both a subject and an object; in action and acted upon.



Thursday 5 November (private view)
Q&A with participating artist Zina Saro-Wiwa

Wednesday 11 November 
Industry reception

Private view of the exhibition for filmmakers, artists and film industry delegates

Venue: Nikolaj Kunsthal, 5.30-7.30pm

Friday 13 November
ART:FILM. Programmed by Jacqui Davies and Tine Fischer (Festival Director, CPH:DOX)

Venue: Cinematheque

9.30am: Artist talk: Joachim Koester

11.00am: From Conceptual Idea to Script-based Narrative
The script consultant Franz Rodenkirchen talks to the visual artists Marine Hugonnier and Redmond Entwistle.

1.00pm: Lucien Castaing-Taylor & Véréna Paravel
Meet the brains behind Harvard's revolutionary Sensory Ethnography Lab for an interview about the field between film, art and research.

2.30pm: The Intersection Between Performance Art and Non-Fiction Cinema
The exhibition 'Embodied' at Nikolaj Kunsthal is discussed in a conversation between three of the participating artists (Yael Bartana, Louis Henderson, and Samson Kambalu), and the curator Jacqui Davies.

Followed by a performance by Louis Henderson, Lies More Real Than Reality, 2015

Further information can be found on the Nikolaj Kunsthal and CPH:DOX websites