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After London

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Director: Ben Rivers

Writers: Ben Rivers and Thea Martin

Producer: Jacqui Davies

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Based on Richard Jeffries’ 1885 novel, After London is Ben Rivers’ first fully narrative feature. The film follows a young woman’s phantasmagorical journey across the the sparsely populated flooded plains of post-post-apocalyptic England. This is not a depressing and ravaged landscape, full of abandoned buildings and marauding gangs, rather, it is a landscape that has returned to an earlier glory: nature has reclaimed the land and forest has begun to dominate. Domesticated animals run wild. Knowledge of the past human civilisation is based on word-of-mouth stories passed down through the ages, which have become extremely warped. Although loosely based on a novel written over a century ago, After London seems to be perfectly in sync with some of the thoughts emerging around the environmental catastrophes playing out over recent years. It is a searingly powerful, fresh and evocative view of a future that now seems far more likely or possible. 

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