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A Distant Episode

Director/ DP/ Editor: Ben Rivers

Producers: Jacqui Davies and Ben Rivers

Sound: Carles Santos

1st AD: Lina Laraki

A meditation on the illusion of filmmaking, shot behind-the-scenes on a film being made on the otherworldly beaches of Sidi Ifni, Morocco. The film depicts strange activities, with no commentary or dialogue. It appears as a fragment of film, dug up in a distant future - a hazy, black and white, hallucinogenic world.

Festivals include:

Toronto International Film Festival 2015 (World Premiere)

New York Film Festival 2015


For distribution enquiries contact LUX:


Film specifications: 2015, UK, Black and White, Length: 20 minutes, 16 mm anamorphic. Aspect ratio 1:2.65, Sound: Mono

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