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Green/Light (For M.R.)


Artist: Jyll Bradley

Producer: Jacqui Davies

Short Film 

Premiering at the first Triennial Film Festival, Folkestone Triennial, September 2021


In 1960s Britain over 160,000 children were ‘given up’ for adoption at birth through a closed system which denied them any legal right to their identity until adulthood. Artist Jyll Bradley was one of those children. Her new film M.R. is a tender coming of age story exploring the subject of childhood adoption, creativity and identity. 


The story of M.R. is told through another of Jyll Bradley’s artworks: Green/Light (for M.R.) her critically acclaimed sculpture installation, commissioned for The Folkestone Triennial 2014. Sited on the long- abandoned site of the Old Gas Works, Green/Light (for M.R.) has become a much-loved local beacon as well as a powerful catalyst in regeneration of the area. But few know the story behind the artwork’s origins or its dedication – ‘For M.R.’ 


Filmed over all seasons with a mix of video, kaleidoscopic time-lapse and macro-footage, M.R. represents an intimate portrait of an artwork, its maker and the world they have created together. 

For more information, and tickets to the film, click here.

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