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Passing Glitches

Human horror and the digital body


Curated by Joseph Constable


Thursday 4th June 2015, 7pm

Peckham Plex Cinema, 95A Rye Lane, London, SE15 4ST




Adham Faramawy

Callum Hill & Simone Rowat

Jiyeon Kim

Rachel Maclean

Rho Jae Oon

Martin Shepley


Passing Glitches is an evening of moving image, sound and spoken word that considers the potential for horror, unpredictability, and the uncanny within a contemporary landscape of digitised subjectivities. 


Passing Glitches looks at the consequences of our arbitrary meeting points within the digital realm: the errors, ruptures and faults that occur within the fleeting reality that we are navigating. Artists, filmmakers and writers will address the urgent need to escape this relentless cycle of passing glitches, as well as the bodily desire to draw blood from this non-matter, to return to the real ‘real’ amidst a hyperreality of floating values. 


Supported by:

Arts Council England

Korean Cultural Centre, UK

Jacqui Davies Limited

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