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Time, a Hesitant Smile

Johan Grimonprez, I may have lost forever my umbrella, 2011.

A series of artist film programmes, curated by Jacqui Davies and Joseph Constable
A touring programme:
Hackney Picturehouse, London. November / December 2014
Glynn Vivian Gallery, Swansea. February 2015

Time, a Hesitant Smile considers filmmaking and broadcast as contained and compressed moments of time travel. Taking its title from Fernando Pessoa's 'The Book of Disquiet' - itself a kaleidoscopic collection of temporal fragments - a bold selection of experimental, cult and ground-breaking artists' film looks at how multiple voices, narratives and histories are synthesised and disseminated in present moments of fact and fiction. 


The programme looks at the various apparatuses that humans utilise in order to enact different methods of time travel. Technological prostheses such as the microphone, the mixing desk, the iPhone and the film camera, become tools with which to manipulate our experience of time, duration and dimensionality. 


The first programme of Time, a Hesitant Smile contains multiple channels of broadcast and (mis)communication. Temporal stability is thrown into question as voices and images appear through windows - the Internet browser, the television screen or the satellite transmission – conveying enigmatic messages from the past and the future. 


Haroon Mirza, This content was transmitted to this date in 1987, 2013. 3min 

James Richards, The Misty Suite, 2009. 7min

Louis Henderson, All That Is Solid, 2014. 15min

Laida Lertxundi, Cry When It Happens, 2014. 14min

John Latham, Erth, 1971. 25min


The second programme of Time, a Hesitant Smile explores the gaps that lie between science fiction and reality. Three films feature a series of surreal landscapes that appear strangely familiar. These warped realities, apparently located in an alien time and place, act as subtle warnings in their picturing of our human fascination with technology, appropriation, and progress. 


Angela Melitopoulos, The Language of Things, 2006. 33min 

Semiconductor, Some Of Us Will Have Become, 2012. 3min 

Ben Rivers, Slow Action, 2011. 40min



The concluding programme of Time, a Hesitant Smile takes as its starting point the material processes of filmic editing as contained moments of time travel. From the disembodied voice and sonic spectres that echo in the present, to the layering and fragmentation of image and duration, the hesitant smile of time is revealed as an uncertain reality. 


Mark Leckey, Pearl Vision, 2012. 3min

Anri Sala, Mixed Behaviour, 2003. 8min

Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Sakda, 2012. 6min

Judith Goddard, Lyrical Doubt, 1985. 17min

James Richards, Raking Light, 2014. 9min

Johan Grimonprez, I may have lost forever my umbrella, 2011. 3min 

Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Cactus River, 2012. 10min

Patrick Bokanowski, La Plage, 1992. 14min



Programmed with the support of LUX, London

Random Acts, Channel 4. Commissioned by Jacqui Davies and FACT, Liverpool (2011-2013)

Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London

Hauser & Wirth, London

Lightcone, Paris

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