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Jacqui Davies has worked with artists and filmmakers to produce moving image projects and exhibitions since 1996.

Cardinal Antonio Regnaldo.jpeg

Roi 2023

Director: Neil Bartlett

Writers: Neil Bartlett and Anthony Reynolds

Producer: Jacqui Davies

Short Film

The Parents Room.jpg

The Parents' Room 2022

Director: Diego Marcon

Producer: Jacqui Davies

Film Installation


Mirrors 2022

Director: Paul Daly

Producer: Jacqui Davies

Short Film


Fireflies 2021

Artist: Pauline Curnier Jardin

Producer: Jacqui Davies


Screenshot 2021-06-16 at 15.53_edited.jpg

Fat to Ashes 2021

Artist: Pauline Curnier Jardin

Producer: Jacqui Davies

Film Installation


Green/Light (For M.R), 2021

Artist: Jyll Bradley

Producer: Jacqui Davies

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Baumettes, 2020

Artist: Sharon Lockheart

Producer: Jacqui Davies

Film Installation

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Female Human Animal, 2018

Director: Josh Appignanesi

Producer: Jacqui Davies

Feature Film

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RAY & LIZ, 2018

Director: Richard Billingham

Writer: Richard Billingham

Producer: Jacqui Davies

Feature Film


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Philomela's Chorus, 2017

Four artists' films by Jay Bernard, Beverley Bennett, Phoebe Boswell and Nicola Thomas

Producer: Jacqui Davies

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The Sky Trembles and the Earth Is Not Afraid and the Two Eyes Are Not Brothers, 2016

Director: Ben Rivers

Writer: Ben Rivers

Producer: Jacqui Davies

Feature Film

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The Two Eyes Are Not Brothers, 2015-16

Artist: Ben Rivers


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RAY, 2015

Artist: Richard Billingham

Producer: Jacqui Davies

Film Installation

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A Distant Episode, 2015

Director: Ben Rivers

Short Film

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Embodied, 2015

Presented by Nikolaj Kunsthal & CPH: DOX

Curator: Jacqui Davies

Feature Film

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Ming of Harlem, 2014

Director: Phillip Warnell

Producers: Madeleine Molyneaux and Phillip Warnell

Associate Producer: Jacqui Davies

Feature Film

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Time, a Hesitant Smile: Film, Broadcast and Time Travel

Curator: Jacqui Davies

Film Programmes

Hackney Picturehouse, London, November-December 2014

Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea February 2015


Me and the Black Dog, 2015

Kate Owens and Neeta Madahar

Group Therapy: Mental Distress in a Digital Age

FACT, Liverpool 2015


Double Visions, 2014

Apichatpong Weerasethakul


Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London

Sixty Six, 2014

Lewis Klahr


Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London

Screenshot 2021-06-09 at 09.53.28.png

Random Acts, Channel 4


25 artists’ short films for Random Acts, Channel 4 Television, UK. Co-commissioned with FACT, Liverpool


Marina Abramovic, Dangerous Games

David Austen, Happiness

Richard Billingham, Siberian Tiger

Dara Birnbaum, Kojak/Wang

Minerva Cuevas, micadust

Shezad Dawood, Piercing Brightness (Trailer)

James Franco, Dream

Johan Grimonprez, I may have lost forever my umbrella

David Hall, ecsateeTV too

Lucy Harvey, GUIDE TO LIFE IV(A).7: A Song of My Youth

Lewis Klahr, The Moon Has Its Reasons

Mark Leckey, Pearl Vision

Rachel Mayeri, Primate Cinema: Movies for Monkeys

Haroon Mirza, This content was transmitted to this date in 1987

Shahryar Nashat, Knee Bruise Left Edged

Martha Rosler, Because This Is Britain

James Richards, Today

Semiconductor, Some Part of Us Will Have Become

Zineb Sedira, End of Life

Stephen Suttcliffe, Players' Edition

Sarah Wood, Three-Minute Warning

Mark Wallinger, Ever Since

Phillip Warnell, The Scales and Stripes

Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Monsoon

Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Warning: Reading this may or may not change your life


Sinema Amnesia, 2012 

Mark Wallinger

A site specific exhibition for Turner Contemporary


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Jangbar, 2011

Artist: Zarina Bhimji

Development Producer: Jacqui Davies

Film Installation


Entangled2, 2012

Lindsay Seers,

A site-specific installation built at a location within Turner Contemporary, Margate


Worlds in the Making, 2011


A culmination of several years working with scientists in the volcanic regions of the Galápagos Islands and mainland Ecuador, Worlds in the Making was a solo exhibition that explored how we observe, experience and create an understanding of the physical origins of the world around us.

Commissioned with FACT, Liverpool


1996 - 2013

Jacqui Davies has produced and collaborated on several works with Mark Wallinger


UNDANCE, Sadler's Wells, London (2011) (a collaboration between Wallinger, Mark Anthony Turnage and Wayne McGregor)

Construction Site (2011)

Shadow Walker (2011)

MARK (2010)

Threshold to the Kingdom (2000)

Prometheus (1999)

When Parallel Lines Meet at Infinity (1998)

On An Operating Table (1998)

Hymn (1997)


2007 - 2011

Jacqui Davies was co-founder and director of Animate Projects


Selected projects:


2011 Julian Goethe, Nocturne


2011 Matt Stokes, Dance Swine Dance

Co-commissioned with Gateshead Council


2011 Hiraki Sawa, Figment: did i?


2010 Ben Rivers, Slow Action. Installation at  Picture This and Matt's Gallery.

Co-commissioned with Picture This, supported by Bristol City Council, the British Council and the Daiwa Foundation.


2010 David Blair, The Lost Tribes

2010 // Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Primitive.


Producer of a multi-platform project, which produced a body of works including the feature film Uncle Boonmee who can Recall his Past Lives, winner of the Palme d'Or, Cannes Film Festival, 2010, installations and an artist book. Commissioned with Haus der Kunst, Munich and FACT; produced by Illuminations Films and Kick the Machine, Bangkok.


Curator, Apichatpong Weerasethakul's, Phantoms of Nabua, with BFI Gallery, London after which it has toured internationally. 


2010 // Shudder, an exhibition exploring the connections between animation and drawing. Curated with The Drawing Room, London. Artists: Avish Khebrehzadeh, Matt Mullican, Raymond Pettibon, Naoyuki Tsuji, Markus Vater plus three new commissions: Edwina Ashton, Mr. Panz at Lake Leman, Notes on M. Ann Course, The Collaborators Barry Doupé, Whose Toes


2009 // Jane and Louise Wilson, Unfolding the Aryan Papers. Commissioned as part of a residency in The Kubrick Archive. Curated with BFI Gallery, London and Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh. 


2009 // Sebastian Buerkner, Emotion Machine. Solo exhibition commissioned with The Showroom, London. 



2009 // Animate TV. Four artists' experimental films for broadcast, commissioned from an open call, in association with Channel 4. 

Petra Freeman, Tad's Nest

Thomas Hicks, Unicycle Film,

Cordelia Swann, Amnesia,

Sarah Wood, For Cultural Purposes Only





Animate TV 2008

Suky Best, Early Birds

Barnaby Barford, Damaged Goods

Stephen Irwin, The Black Dog's Progress

Michael Mabtin Mudadi, Tear Drops Blossom

Tal Rosner, Without You

Emily Richardson, Cobra Mist

Christoph Sterger, Jeffery and the Dinosaurs.

Stop. Watch. 2008

Jordan Baseman, D is for Dodo

Phil Coy, Damage Limitation

Manu Luksch, Make it Snow

Christine Ödlund, Atlantis

Elodie Pong, it's like this

Simon Woolham, Severed, The Deracinater and The Isle

Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, I'm Sucking on a Tailpipe in Seoul. 


Animate TV 2007

David Anderson, Tongue of the Hidden Let Me Feel Your Finger First

Francis Mark Simon Hewis, Life Size Zoetrope

Andy Martin, End of the Street

Semiconductor, Magnetic Movie

Thomson and Craighead, Flat Earth.


ANIMATE! 2004 - 2006

Independent producer for Finetake Productions on Animate! an Arts Council England / Channel 4 commissioning scheme for experimental film, animation and artists' film for television broadcast


Seven artists' experimental films for broadcast, commissioned from an open call, by Arts Council England and Channel 4. Produced by Finetake Productions.

Artists: Al & Al, Interstellar Stella, Sebastian Buerkner, Purple Grey, Monika Forsberg and Suzie Sparrow, We Believe in Happy Endings, Inge Lise Hansen, Proximity, Joji Koyama, From Nose to Mouth, Osbert Parker, Yours Truly.



Six artists' experimental films for broadcast, commissioned from an open call, by Arts Council England and Channel 4. Produced by Finetake Productions.

Artists: Katherina Athanasopoulou, Sweet Salt, Carolina Melis & Susanne Flender, As The Crow Flies, David Shrigley & Chris Shepherd, Who I Am and What I Want, Run Wrake, Rabbit, Damien Gasgoine, Careful, Dryden Goodwin, Flight



2009 Producer & Director

2008 Producer & Director

2007 Producer

2006 Producer

2005 Producer

One-hour compilation programme for Channel 4 to showcase new films of Animate TV. Featured filmed interviews with the contributing artists and filmmakers and behind the scenes footage.



FILM LONDON 2005 - 2007

Developed, setup and ran One-to-One Advisory Scheme, Artist Moving Image Network, Film London. Selected from a three-monthly open call, the scheme provided professional development to over fifty artists. Each artist benefited from a series of one to one sessions that provided concentrated guidance from practitioners, technical advisors and industry professionals as appropriate in conjunction with a series of group workshops.


Work in the animation industry in South Africa, Germany and the UK

2004 // Producer, Miss Saigon, Animated sequence, designed by Gerald Scarfe for Cameron Mackintosh.

2004 // Producer, McCartney Music and Animation Collection, DVD , High Eagle Productions for Paul McCartney MPL, Miramax & Disney

2002-2003 // Producer, Cunning Little Vixen, 1-hour animated opera for BBC2 & Opus Arte

1989-2000 // Producer, Tuesday, Animated Film, High Eagle Production for Paul McCartney MPL

1995-1998 // Animator and Assistant Animator, various projects for TCV, Sherbet Films, Uli Meyer, Tandem Films, High Eagle Productions

1993 // Production Manager, Asterix in America, Feature Film, Hahn Film, Berlin 1992 Assistant animation and layout, various projects, AGHF, Berlin

1988-92 // Assistant animation and co-ordination, various projects, Tass Hesom Animation, Johannesburg

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