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Tremulations at Swedenborg House, London

Dates: April 1 – July 1
Curators: Jacqui Davies & Daniel Birnbaum

3 April - 29 June 2023


Tremulations, an exhibition in three chapters at London’s Swedenborg House,
opens with the world premiere of Mark Leckey’s first Virtual Reality work: The


Emanuel Swedenborg’s visionary universe is one of reflections and
correspondences. Sacred scripture, he claimed, is a mirror in which we see God.
At her request, he once introduced a young girl to an angel: leading her to a
corner of his study, he drew back a curtain to reveal a mirror and the girl’s own
face. Swedenborg, the author of On Tremulations (1719), envisioned a cosmos
in which everything, including seemingly solid objects, vibrates. “In

tremulations there are a millions of variations”, according to the ninth and final
rule of his doctrine. 

The exhibition Tremulations, curated by Jacqui Davies and Daniel Birnbaum,
presents objects from the rich archives of the Swedenborg House as well as
writings and works of art by, among others, Marcel Duchamp, Yayoi Kusama,
Meret Oppenheim, Emanuel Swedenborg and Apichatpong Weerasethakul.
Structured according to Swedenborg’s Nine Rules of Tremulation, the
exhibition will be presented in three chapters manifested in physical, temporal
and virtual space at Swedenborg House. Each chapter will include a Virtual
Reality work produced by Acute Art: The Bridge by Mark Leckey
(April), Hilma af Klint: The Temple (May) and It will End in Stars by Nathalie
Djurberg & Hans Berg (June) as well as 3 “corresponding” works of projection,
The first will be Phantoms of Nabua by Apichatpong Weerasethakul, the
second, My Blood Self: Civilisations 1 by Grace Ndiritu, the third Testament A:
MF FKA K-P X KE RIP by Tony Cokes.

Thanks to Acute Art, Primitive Film, Charles Asprey, Cabinet Gallery, KateMacGarry Gallery and Greene Naftali Gallery.

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