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Zarina Bhimji

Jangbar, a new single screen installation filmed on 35mm in Kenya, is an immersive gallery work. A long-awaited film since Yellow Patch (2011), this latest work is an enquiry into image, light, object, the universal, the literal and the abstract. Jangbar evades definition allowing for multiple interpretations and possibilities. It grows from observation and ambiguity, yet at other moments it draws from a deep, at times bleak, political consciousness of specific moments in history.


Jangbar brings together a body of work, which follows from other, formal and conceptual strands of Bhimji’s work.


Commissioned by: FILM LONDON Artists’ Moving Image Network & New Art Exchange. Supported by Arts Council England, the Dommering Foundation, ICIA University of Bath, Sfumato Foundation, Pérez Art Museum Miami.


Executive Producers: Artsadmin and FLAMIN Productions.


Development: Artsadmin, Arts Council England, Jacqui Davies, Film London Artists’ Moving Image Network, Manick Govinda, Andrew Love


Screen grab: Jangbar, 2015, Zarina Bhimji.

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